Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a professional body of knowledge, the arts and sciences of which are available in theory and applied clinicals. Specifically, physiotherapy is the treatment and rehabilitation of disease conditions, deformities (either congenital or acquired) and traumatic injuries by physical means.
Such physical means can be in the form of therapeutic exercises (i.e. as in exercise therapy), soft tissue mobilization ( massage), manipulations (i.e. of soft tissues or of the musculoskeletal system) and the use of variety of physical agents such as water at therapeutic temperatures (i.e. as in hydrotherapy), lights or radiations (i.e. as in actinotherapy), heat including moist, dry and radiant heat as in thermotherapy, electricity including the use of low, medium and high frequency electrical currents (i.e. as in electrotherapy), low temperature media such as ice or as can be effected by some chemicals (i.e. as in cryotherapy), applied mechanical and electromechanical appliances including applied supportive gadgets, mechanical vibrations including the therapeutic use of ultrasonic energy (i.e. as in ultrasound).
Physiotherapy is extensively employed in the management and rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions. It is employed in the management of under listed conditions just to mention a few.
1. Respiratory infections
2. Degenerative intervertebral disc disease resulting in pains in the back.
3. Soft tissue injuries such as contusions, ruptures, ligamentous and tendinous injuries.
4. Joint injuries such as subluxation, dislocation, sprains, strains e.t.c.
5. Surgical operations, either those planned or the ones carried out in emergencies in an attempt to save lives.
6. Burns as caused by fire or flame, hot water, hot oils, electrical or chemicals.
7. Cerebrovascular accidents or other neurological conditions of sudden onsets.
8. Management of the semi-conscious or unconscious patients.
At lagoon hospitals, physiotherapists play major roles in the enhancement of comprehensive health care delivery. They work as part of the interdisciplinary team comprising of Doctors, Nurses and others.
The clinic at the moment is situated at lagoon hospital Apapa branch with the hope of opening physiotherapy clinics in other branches at Victoria Island and Ikeja.


The services offered in physiotherapy unit ranges from assessments and treatments of patients to the provision of supportive devices and artificial limbs to patients in the under listed categories.
Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Disorders e.g. low back pain, neck sprain etc.
Neurological conditions i.e. cerebrovascular accidents.
Paediatric conditions i.e. Brachial plexus injuries, cerebral palsy, injection palsy, Down syndrome, spina bifida, poliomyelitis.
Chest and intensive care management.